Monday, February 27, 2006

An Exciting Market Day

Today, the MGS 4/11 rallied to close at 100.14 or 3.73%. I had quite a huge position in that stock at an average yield of 3.74%. After the OPR hike, the stock was traded at 3.80%, causing me to incur a substantial unrealized loss. My boss asked me to cut down on my position. Reluctantly I have to concur and started offloading at 3.76% - 3.74% resulting in a loss of RM24k+. Luckily today the prices rebounded to my favour. The recent gain is spurred by the foreign interest who are betting on MYR appreciation. Hopefully the rally will continue tomorrow. Come on u darn foreigners...keep on buying the 4/11 so I can offload my position at a profit..he he.

On a separate note, my money maker HYIP keeps me happy by their timely payment. I also opt to diversify in choosing Vasco Investment. Its another principal guaranteed program where investors will get back their investment after 180 days. On top of that you will be earning 1.9% daily on your capital invested. The daily profit can be compounded and added to your principal. For example, if you invest $100.00, your first interest payment will be calculated basing on these $100.00. If you get 1.9% daily, you will receive $1.90 interest that will be added to your Account Principal. Thus your Account Principal will grow to $101.90. On the following day, the daily interest of 1.9% will be calculated on $101.90 (not $100.00) and you will get $1.94 (instead of the previous $1.90). This way using 100% compounding your Account Principal and daily interest will be growing daily.

Interested? Check it out by clicking the banner below

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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Long Term Investmet Program

I'm, not really a fan of long term investment program. Why? The return sucks. I used to earn 12% daily from 12 Daily Pro until the Stormpay fiasco, so a return of 1% daily surely is not convincing. A friend of mine recently introduced me this type of program. Money Maker Hyip. It has been online since March 2005 (almost a year) That's pretty long for a HYIP program.

The curiousity made me took a peek on the website. I was so concern on why they could survive this long. Until I realised that they provide a return of only up to 1% per day. Up to 1% means the return could be lower (the lowest so far was 0.2%) So why should I join?

My friend told me that it was the stability that counts. It was the business model that counts. Money Maker basically uses the investors deposit to invest in money market. Over in the US even individuals are permitted to participate in the interbank money market. In the US, short term interest rates are getting higher compared to the long term interest rates, resulting an inverse yield curve. The fed funds rate is currently set at 4.50% and continuos hike is forecasted until it reaches 5% to curb economic growth and inflation.

So, the promising interest rate view convinced me that the program will last even longer, at least for another year or two. So, I decided to invest my hard earned money in it. Not that much though, only USD 30. The best part is the daily earnings are credited immediately to my egold account. No waiting period. Your principal is also guaranteed and will be credited back upon 150 days.

Check it out. A refreshing concept in HYIP:

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Lagu-Lagu Nostalgia

Somebody in my yahooogroup community (sdarians 91) wrote a lyric on the rock ballad song made popular by a Kelantanese group - Desire. That has prompted others to contribute to the whole list of songs that were very jiwang & mendayu2 from the 80s and early 90s. I smiled in front of my pc reminiscing the good old days when we were in SDAR.

I remember everybody would listen to the radio after our Sunday inspection. I can vaguely recalled that the show title is Pujaan 10 Nescafe. Everybody would have their own favorite song as the chart topper. There was once a song gunning for a record breaking consecutive weeks as no 1, trying to beat the previous record set by Carefree's Rindu Bayangan. It was in 1989 and the song was sung by Medicine, a Negri Sembilan rock group entitled Tika dan Saat Ini. Everybody waited anxiously counting down the charts. Sadly, I cant remember whether the song managed to break the record. Perhaps the readers of this blog can tell me.

As for me here's the list of my top 10 throughout the 5 years I spent in SDAR:

1. Sejiwa - Spring
2. Maya Percintaan - Uthopia
3. Bunga Larangan - UG14
4. Sendiri - May
5. Nadia - Sofea
6. Kain Cinta Putih - Putra
7. Takdir dan Waktu - Mega
8. Realiti dan Fantasi - Crossfire
9. Junction song - can't remember the title though
10.Gugurnya Bunga Cinta - Laksmana

Pada irama ku berpesan
Lagu ini ditujukan
Padanya yang tersayang

Kasihku kau pernah dipersia
Lalu ku bawa cintaku
Sebagai penawarnya
Biar lukamu masih terasa

Sesaat engkau tidak kutemu
Bulan/bunga? seaakan pilu
Tiada dapat bermadu

Begitu jika engkau membisu
Bagai jauh di lautan
Tiada bertepian
Sebegitu cintaku padamu

c/o Usah lah cinta dibawa bersama
Ditenggelami mentari di timur
Gelap gelita tiada bercahaya
Ku tiada berdaya

Ku ingin selalu disampingmu
Bagaikan senja denyutan cinta kita

Akan kubina istana bahgia
Menjadi lambang kasih berpanjangan
Hentikan air mata pedih kenangan
Yang membakar perasaan

Mekarlah bunga cinta
Seharum wangi kemboja
Mekarlah bunga cinta
Ditaman kita sejiwa....

Ishhh...jiwang siul! Signing off at 10.45 p.m.

Financial Freedom

A friend of mine once told me his definition of financial freedom. According to him he will achieve financial freedom if he has no second thought in making purchasing decision, that is he'll buy what he likes whenever he feels like it. Sounds good?

Another friend told me that I can never achieve financial freedom if I continue to makan gaji. "Only those who work for themselves" can be rich and successful. This idea is shared by the Chinese and also the Indians in India (not Malaysia). They feel so proud working for family business even though they just an accounts clerk or a general worker. As my Indian boss remarked, "to them working of others are like being the slave"

My former boss once told me about the benchmark for your current salary. Very interesting. He said one should receive at least RM1,000 for each year you spent in an organization. For e.g. if you have worked for 5 years, you should be earning RM5,000. If your currently salary doesn't match your years of experience you should be looking for greener pastures. I literally took his advise, that's why I left my former co. after spending 8 years there.

So have I matched the benchmark after working for 9 years? ....getting there.

Signing off at 9.45 p.m.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Paradox of Abundance

I asked my colleague this morning about her views on the MGS yields. She casually responded..."the yields are suppresed by the paradox of abundance". My immediate respond was "WTF is that? Can u explain in plain English please!" That shows how limited my English vocabulary is. Like it or not English has become the premier language in the business community. Our Govt. realized that...thus implementing the Science and Maths subjects to be taught in English. I pity my son who just enrolled in a kindergarden, where most of the subjects are taught in English. A culture shock for him. Imagine after spending 4 years at home conversing 99% in Malay, he had to deal with a language which is totally an alien to him. I'd share the blame for not exposing him to English much earlier. Nak buat camner....I'm just a typical Malay. On a brighter note, I took that as a challenge and have started a different approach to my 2 year old daughter. Hopefully she'll be more prepared than her bro. when the time comes.

My unfortunate son:

Oh, btw...yields suppresed by the paradox of abundance actually means the yields are kept low due to the excess liquidity in the market coupled with the fact that foreigners are buying Ringgit denominated assets in view of further Ringgit appreciation.....WTF IS THAT?!!

Signing off at 11.20 p.m.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Life Is Precious

Today I received quite a disturbing news. Even though not related to me, but still I felt how precious our life can be. Its about the friend of my boss' wife. A 35 yr old doctor who was killed in an accident on her way to USM Kubang Kerian. She tried to overtake an army truck when her car collided with an incoming 4 wheel drive. My boss said, she broke her tulang belakang and died on the spot.

So fren, look at how easy Allah the mighty can take one's life irregardless of age and health condition. Perhaps we should be more grateful to what we have and perhaps we should be more caring and loving towards our family.

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I can post my blog via email

Just testing the function of posting the blog via email...he he sori la fren...jakun sikit pasal benda2 ni...maklum la dah 31 thn hidup baru first time ada blog...ok la gua mau titon besok pagi kul 3 nak bangun tengok Liverpool belasah Arsenal...

Signing off at 12.25 a.m.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

My First Blog

Dear All,

Guess what. I finally have my own blog. Afer so many friends asked me to create a blog I finally decided to do so....not bcoz my friends asked to but due to the fact that I accidentally discovered a blog written by Afdlin the selambakodok Shauki during my daily studio traffic surfing. Rupa2nya mamat ni member studio traffic gak...Impressive...Gua tertarik ngan blog dia...looks so sincere and macam cool je he he...Bukanlah gua nak jadi artis just quite impressed by his there u go...I finally have a blog and will try to discipline myself to write on daily basis. I have no clue on what to write but I think that will come naturally. Ok guys and gals...c u tomorrow

Signing off at 11.54 p.m. 14 Feb 2006.