Monday, March 26, 2007

Planet Trust

Maximum Network just launched another program. Planet-Surf is the latest addition to the family. A high ROI site where members will be paid daily commission of 12% for 12 days. I have jumped in with a test spend. Considering the stability of the Maximum Network which has been in the market for over a year (that's longer than the industry standard), I concluded that there is no harm trying on Planet Surf.

Details of the program are as follows:

Welcome to! We are here to bring you the ULTIMATE advertising experience. You have the ability to earn a rebate up to 144% of your advertising purchase. Through our experience in this industry we have taken the best parts of other business models to bring you an easy way to advertise and earn. We believe that through dedication, honesty and integrity that Planet-Trust will bring this industry back to its glory. Welcome to a new landmark in the autosurf industry. Please also note that your earnings for each day will not show up in your account until after midnight Eastern Time.

Processors We Accept: E-Gold, CEP Trust & Alertpay

Planet-Trust Advertiser

Surf 35 pages per day to earn your rebate
Earn a 1% referral commission
2% cashout fee for 5-7 day cashout
5% SwiftPay -24-48 hour cashout!
1 cashout per 12 days
50/50 rule applies to all cashouts

Planet-Trust VIP

MaximumSurfing Executive Package Required! ($25)
Surf 25 pages per day to earn your rebate
Earn a 2% referral commission
Free 3-day cashout option
2% SwiftPay -24-48 hour cashout
Cashout twice per 12 days
50/50 rule applies to all cashouts


MaximumSurfing Ambassador Subscription Required! ($100.00)
Surf 20 pages per day to earn your rebate
Earn a 3% referral commission
Daily Cashouts!!
50/50 rule applies to all cashouts

Care to join?

Signing off at 11.11 p.m.

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Thursday, March 08, 2007



Guess what? I've just joined this new program: Fical

So what's so special about it. Well, it's a program of which they combine the daily return with the option for members to participate in the autoplacement (world pool). Their daily earnings are as follows:

As illustrated in the table above, the daily % is dependent on the amount invested.

Referral Bonus

You can gain up to 20% of referral bonus if you meet the conditions set as per the table above.

Matching bonus

All matching bonus are calculated daily, based on your network genealogy. This is an important aspect of the program that could generate more revenue for the investors.

Leadership Bonus

Another distinguisehed aspect of the program that would allow continous earning even though you have max the referral bonus.

Autoplacement/World Pool

Looks familiar? Well I guess since em-pay has successfully market a program based on world pool/autoplacement, a lot of other programs are offering the same.

Feel free to contact me for further details.

Signing off at 11.17 p.m.

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Friday, March 02, 2007

Monthly Update: Em-Pay Outperforms KLSE!

There were a lot of things happening in the month of February. Among the highlights are as follows:

Bond Market
The market remained relatively flat. Not much trading opportunity although the sentiment tends to be a bit bullish since the stock market tumbled in Asia. I didn't do much on bonds in Feb. Just clearing a few stocks with the expectation for a more bearish news for the market. However I could be wrong. Although January's inflation of 3.2% tends to be higher than market expectation of 3.0%, it fails to dampen the market thus resulting in a much lower yields compared to last month. I could be revising my strategy in the month of March.

Stock Market
Stocks did well in the beginning of the year of boar. The foreigners seem to be supporting the market in lieu with their bet on appreciating MYR. I went into a few hot stocks, thanks to the superb tip provided by a friend of mine and managed to make a few quids. Nothing to shout coz one of my colleague managed to buy a house (yes u read it correctly...a house!) from the profits he made on UEM World. No thanks to China, the market continued to tumble in the last week of February. Pity those retail investors (including yours truly) who were sucked in the frenzy but stucked when the market turns. Quite deeply in shit! Some loss cutting needs to be done in March

This program continues to outperform the stock market haha. In February, my earnings (matching bonus, referral bonus and Plan B bonus) was RM901. The screenshots are attached. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge:


DSM has folded with a promise to refund all members. I was quite disappointed in this one coz I believed the program has the capacity to stay a bit longer. Loss about USD30 here. Time to move on. On a brighter note, 4 NewbiesMarketing is doing very well at the moment. I guess I was right to move my earnings from DSM to 4NB. Hoping this can cover my loss in DSM.

Twilight ADZ also look very promising. Still enjoying a 10% per day return on this. It is good program for me to diversify my investments. As usual MaximumADZ has always been loyal to me. Although the 3% per day looks a bit low, it is the stability that counts.

That's all folks. A monthly review of my investment activities. Hoping for a better performance in the month of March. It will be a good start if my beloved Reds can beat the scum at Anfield tonite.

Signing off at 7.40 p.m.