Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I've just joined another great program. 4NewbiesMarketing. So, what's so great about it. Here are my reasons:

1. Run by an honest and trusted admin. 4newbiesmarketing is run by Israel from the CommandCorps program with a paying record of over 9 months!

2. Recommended by Dustin, another honest admin of DesertSkyMarketing (DSM)

3. DSM provides the script leasing and hosting. 2% of 4newbiesmarkeing daily upgrades will benefit DSM!

4. The outside income source will help DSM maintain the max daily rebate of 10%.

Details of the programs are as follows:

$0 Monthly Membership Fee
0 Ads in rotation
Get Paid to View Ads
Cashout 2 times per month
5% cashout fees

$0 Monthly Membership Fee
2 ads in rotation
Get Paid to View Ads
Cashout once per week
2% cashout fees
Ad-pack expires at 130%
Profit rate: 2%-10% per day
2% referral commission

$5 Monthly Membership Fee
4 ads in rotation
Get Paid to View Ads
Cashout everyday
0% cashout fees
Ad-pack expires at 130%
Profit rate: 2%-10% per day
4% referral commission

You can click on the side banner or the following link to signup:

Signing off at 2.25 p.m.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Em-Pay Promotion Price

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Well as u guys may have known by know, the price of 1 lot for em-pay has been increased to RM168. Smart move by the operators. When they see the response is overwhelming, they took this business decision to their advantage. Will this be a hindering factor for new members to join? Only time will tell.

I have received my level 3 Plan B bonus. Not that much, only RM96. Thanks to my expanding network, the daily income from matching bonuses has increased tremendously. I'm giving back my earnings in a form of discounted lot price. Basically, new members can join this program at old price of RM138. That's a RM30 saving. So, what's the catch here. The only catch is new members have to join a minimum of 3 lots to enjoy this special discount. It will only cost you RM414 to enjoy the same benefits as other members who paid RM504 for 3 lots. Interesting? You do the math.

By the way there only 10 limited places up for grabs. 3 have been taken so that left us with 7. Hurry up to book a spot.

I'll end this posting with some of the screen-shots on my earnings for the program. You can enlarge the shots by clicking on it.

Good luck.

Plan B Level 3

E-Wallet Transaction

Signing off at 8.35 p.m.