Monday, January 29, 2007

Em-Pay Development

The em-pay program is getting hotter and hotter. Last night I received a phone call from Sabah inquiring about this program. Someone must have read my blog haha. Anyway after 30 minutes on the line (thanks to Celcom minutes plan) I managed to convince the gentleman on the program. After all, it is legal and legitimate. Even though no guarantee on the continuity of the program, he was fully aware of the risk. I put it to him that even a successful multinationals couldn't guarantee their solvency and survival, there's where the risk and reward factor kicks in.

On a separate note, the price for 1 lot will increase to RM168 effective 1st February. This has lead to a sudden surge of last minute membership (typical last minute Malaysian). Today alone, I was swamped with phone calls from my downlines for activation pin. I just got back from IPC HQ and purchased 30 pins for them. It was a long queue...took me about an hour to complete the purchase but it was totally worth it. Although I'm not earning much if compared to my day job, the feling is different, especially when someone sincerely thank you for the effort.

Well guys, there's still time to join the program before the price increases to RM168. Feel free to contact me. Got to go, still have some more pins pending for transfer. I leave u with my upline screen-shot on Plan B. He has maximised all 13 levels :) Enjoy.

Signing off at 12.00 a.m.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Middle Finger Lady

I was driving to work this morning when I reached the junction near Cheras Badminton Stadium which intersects with Jalan Cheras. As usual the road was jammed and I was behind a Toyota Avanza. Suddenly the car stopped even though the road was clear. I realized that the car was driven by a lady driver. Apparently she was letting other cars from the main road to pass thru although the lane was meant for the cars coming out of the junction.

Being late & impatient, I honked her twice. She gave me "that" look on her mirror and started to move. Then, the unexpected happened. She showed me her middle finger! I was initially stunned by her action. For god sake, she was wearing a tudung. However the little devil in me urge me to tease her more haha. I kept tailing her and continue to honk at a slightest slow of speed. That really pissed her off. I finally overtook her and gave my cheekiest smile to her. C u tomorrow middle finger lady.

On a separate note, I just tortured myself watching the Asian Cup group game between Malaysia & Thailand. Deservedly so, Malaysia lost the game by a single goal. Their performance was pathetic, I couldn't believe what I saw from a national side. Amazingly they still qualify courtesy of Philippines who drew with Myanmar. With such poor quality, I will bet against them in the semis.

Signing off at 10.05 p.m.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

DesertSky Marketing - First Day Earning

The profit sharing concept of DSM has brought a first day return of 10%. Not bad at all. Here's the screen-shot:

Free Image Hosting at

Will be looking to up my ante on this one. For those who wants to join, you can click on DSM banner at the right hand side of this blog. Good luck.

Signing off at 5.30 p.m.

DesertSky Marketing Re-opens

DSM has started with a fresh business model. It is based on profit sharing concept to avoid any hit & run activity thus ensuring the longevity of the program. Here's the excerpt of the email I received:

It is with great excitement that I'm announcing the re-opening of DesertSky Marketing! We will be open and accepting new upgrades on Friday, January 12, 2007 approximately at 1:00 am server time.

While our VIP membership is not completely encoded into our script, you will be able to purchase your VIP status via the DesertSky Store located in your back office right now. All VIP memberships purchased before tomorrow will go into affect before we start accepting upgrades. This way you can be sure to earn the higher referral commission rate. See your back office for an important VIP Membership announcement that give step-by-step instructions on how to upgrade your account to VIP status.

Three percent of the daily upgrades will be set aside to help pay the remaining 197 members of DSM that are still owed a balance. Once the 197 members are paid in full the 3% will then be moved to a second level referral commission for our future GOLD Advertiser Members! GOLD members will then be able to earn referral commissions on TWO levels.

Again, we look forward to tomorrow as we re-open with a new business model that is secure and stable. Finally the success of the program is totally in the hands of the members!

Thank you,

Dustin Fennell
DesertSky Marketing

Signing of at 11.57 a.m.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Em-Pay Presentation

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I have been receiving numerous request to translate my earlier info-sheet on em-pay program to Bahasa Malaysia. Well, here it is guys. Free presentation file on both in English and BM for your reading pleasure. Just click on the link below to download the files. Feel free to contact me for further queries.

Em-Pay Presentation (Bahasa Malaysia)

Em-Pay Presentation (English)

Summary of the program are as follows: Drop me a comment if u need to know more about this fantastic opportunity:


1 Unit
Joining Fees only RM168.00 one time payment.
Return Of Investment RM131,068 to RM262,136
Earn with Plan A, B and D

Gold Membership

3 Units
Joining Fees only RM504.00 one time payment.
Return Of Investment RM524,272 to RM786,408
Earn with Plan A, B, C and D

7 Units
Joining Fees only RM1,176.00 one time payment.
Return Of Investment RM1,310,690 to RM1,834,952
Earn with Plan A, B, C and D

Plan A (Referring/Pairing Bonus)

Just refer a friend or family to start earning with IPC immediately. For every unit that you personally refer IPC would pay you RM15.00. Once you have a unit on your left and your right, IPC would pay you a pairing bonus of RM10.00. For every pair of unit you referred, IPC would pay you RM40.00 (15+15+10). Imagine if you could just sponsor 6 units a day, you would earn an extra RM3600 a month and this is possible once we launched as more and more will join as they get more aware of us. Get in fast!!!

Plan B (Do Nothing And Earn Plan)

1 Unit = RM65,528 Return Of Investment
3 Units = RM196,584 Return Of Investment
7 Units = RM458,696 Return Of Investment
How this works is that for every new members who joined after you would be placed below you in our world chart. And this is a very large chart indeed. Each and every one of them would pay you RM4 each till the 13th level below you. The level below you will get bigger as it gets more deep.

Level 1 = 2 members
Level 2 = 4 members
Level 3 = 8 members
Level 4 = 16 members
Level 5 = 32 members
Level 6 = 64 members
Level 7 = 128 members
Level 8 = 256 members
Level 9 = 512 members
Level 10 = 1024 members
Level 11 = 2048 members
Level 12 = 4096 members
Level 13 = 8192 members

By the time you reached your 13th level, a total of 16,382 members would have paid you RM4 each which will brings to a total of RM65,528. All the members to be placed below you would be done automatically by computer and you do not have to look for them yourself. Everything would be done even if you do not even sponsor 1 single person. But in order to receive the full amount of RM65,528, you must refer 2 person to join. If you only managed to refer 1 person, you will only get 75% of the total amount. Let's say that you did not even manage to sponsor 1 single person, you will still get paid, but only 50% of the total amount. So imagine that if you joined with 3 units, you would be in the running to receive back RM196,584 or RM98,292 just by being a member and nothing more. But as more and more new members join, it would take more time to fill the spaces below you so what are you still waiting for?

Plan C (World Pool Bonus)

This is actually a bonus from IPC for members who works their back off recruitting new members. But only Gold members are eligible for this plan. If you joined with 3 units in October, you would get 1 point. Let's say in the same month you referred A who bought 3 units, you get another point, Then again in the same month you referred B who bought 3 units, you get another point. So in October you would have collected 3 points. IPC would take the total sales of units in October, multiply it by RM4 and divide it by the number of points collected by eligible members for that month.

For example the total units sold = 100,000 units
Total points collected = 10,000 points
IPC would pay RM4 each unit = 100,000 X RM4
IPC divide with total points = RM400,000 / 10,000
Total per point = RM40.00/point
So if you have 3 points for this month you would have earned an extra RM120.00

Plan D (They Shop You Earn)

Each time all the members below you no matter who put them there uses their IPC Shopping Services to shop or pay for bills, you will automatically earn 0.1% of their total spending. In fact you will earn from them up to 10 levels deep. Let's say you referred only 2 members and they in return referred 2 members each till the 10th level, you would have 2046 members below you. And if each of them spends an average of RM500 per month for shopping and bills, you would earn an extra RM2,046 per month. Imagine if you got more members or if they shopped more

IPC Discount Card

Every member will get one. Just present this card upon payment from our participating merchants to get discounts. Simple as that. Among our participating merchamts are Guardian, Air Asia, MAS Airline, GSC Cinemas just to name a few. And again if we are able to get cooperation from these 'giant' companies, this stand to prove that we are real and not scam if you are still worrying.

IPC Debit Card

This is a debit card in which you can use anywhere where it is accepted. The difference between a debit card and a credit card is that a debit card is sort of a prepaid card. You top up the value in your card and you can only spend up to that amount. But you don't have to carry too much cash around anymore.


Now this will revolutionise the way we pay our bills. Instead of queeing up at the payment centres or post offices, all you have to do is make sure you top up enough money in your i-Wallet and pay through your phone. No more queeing, no more traffic jams, no more fighting for parking. Expect services to be available for Astro, Tenaga, water bills, hand phones and more.

All your earnings with IPC would initially be credited into your online account. You may manage your account by going to or by clicking on the link below this page. From there you may choose to withdraw your earnings in any of the following methods.

a) Maybank Account : You may transfer all your earnings into your Maybank Account. We currently only accept Maybank.

b) IPC VISA Debit Card : You may transfer all your earnings into your debit card and subsequently use it anywhere which accepts VISA Electron or withdraw money through any ATM which accepts VISA transactions.

c) i-Wallet : You can use your earnings to pay your bills through our i-wallet service using your handphone.

d) Or... use your earnings to buy more units for yourself. You can also use the money in your account to buy activation pin from to register new members under you.

Note : Every time you earn from IPC, we would deduct 5% from your total earnings on each transaction and reserve it in your RP (Reserve Point) section in your account. Once you have accumulated RM138.00, a new unit would be added to your existing unit(s) to create what we call a snowball effect. So as you earn more with IPC, so will your income plan automatically.

Signing off at 9.55 p.m.


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2006 - The Year That Was

Happy new year to all the readers out there. How time flies. Well the year 2006 has left me with some bitter sweet memories. My highlight of the year are as follows:

I was promoted to AVP even before I completed my full year with the bank. This was a big surprise coz I was never promoted during my 8 years stint with my former employer. Either I was too good or the bank was too stupid to promote me haha

The bond market stage a remarkable rally from the month of July to November. How crazy. I was way behind budget for the first 7 months until the frenzy started. It was pure luck rather than skills. However 2007 looks more challenging. With the current flat yield curve scenario you would be lucky to make any capital gains from your trade. Lets hope for some major news in 2007 to shake the market :)

Several programs closed/scammed last year. The famous one that I've joined was Compact Surfing, Profit Swinger Pro and a couple of others. However, I managed to reduce my net loss from the 12DP fiasco in 2005. All in, my net loss currently stands at USD1,030.

I started to diversify into MLM type investment. Em-Pay has provided me a unique marketing plan that totally differentiate itself from the typical MLM. Glad to say that I'm reaping the rewards from this program. You can read more about the program in my previous posting: Program Details. I have also prepared an info sheet about the program but until now I haven't got a clue on how to paste it onthis blog.

Family Life
My son started schooling (kindergarten) in Jan 2006. It was a challenging moment for him but to his credit, he managed to cope quite well. Now he is eager to go back to school which reopens tomorrow.

I was involved in a major accident in July 2006. Luckily no casualty apart from the car which was stucked in the workshop for 1.5 month. The funny side of it was I was loaned a classic Mitshubishi Galant during that period. How grateful I am to drive my current car :)

Our family was blessed with another arrival in 2006. A baby girl was born on the 5th of December. How selfish am I. All my 3 kids are Sagittarius like their papa haha. Its good to have kids at year end coz the bonus from work will lighten up the burden of hospital bills. Damn they are not cheap at all.

My aunt just past way in the final week of December. She was diagnosed with lung cancer some 2 years back and finally conceded her battle on 27 December. My god bless her and her family.

Well that was my year in review. I never made any new year resolution. Just hoping my life will be blessed with good health and happiness in the year 2007.

Signing off at 11.30 p.m.