Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Puasa Time

Its that time of the year again, where all muslims celebrate the month of Ramadhan. I remembered my early years of fasting. That was way back in the 80's. I was trained to fast at the the tender age of 5. Can u imagine how can a 5 yr old resist the temptation to eat or drink. Top that with the inconsiderate friends who enjoys licking the ice cream in front of you. Peer pressure! As expected I lasted only for half a day and my mum tried to prolong this on daily basis until I finally fast for the whole day when I was 7.

As a kid, it was a torcherous waiting for the time to break fast. I would normally spend the whole evening watching the crap Arabic drama on TV1. This was my daily routine for years until TV3 premiered in 1985 where the legendary Rumah Kedai was on show. A definite favourite past time haha.

Anyway, here I am 25 years after my first fasting day. Hunger and thirst is no longer a problem as I am so used to fasting. My only problem at work now is my eyes. I practically struggle to stay awake. Damn sleepy. Maybe due to lack of nicotine :)

Btw, I'll be celebrating Hari Raya in Melaka this year. Quite pissed off with one of my Chinese colleague who applied for leave on Monday, the day before Hari Raya. She never informed me about it until I saw her name on the calendar leave. That means I have to work on Monday! So insensitive. Let me know when is Chinese New Year. I'll make sure I'll be on leave a day before that.

Yawning off at 2.50 p.m.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Monthly Update

It has been almost a month since this blog is updated, so it is most appropriate for it to be titled as above. Lots of things have been happening but I was simply too busy to update this treasure of mine.

Anyway, the bond market has been performing really well in the whole month of August. To put it simply, everything u buy will make you a decent profit. Your only enemy is greed, and discipline to take profit is vital to ensure continued success. Personally, I'm in a selling mood now since not making any profit for the previous 7 months. Thanks to the rally, it was the most rewarding wait. Managed to make about USD1 million profit in the month of August alone...if only the profit could be mine.

On the autosurf and HYIP front, I've been paid for the only two programs I joined. ProfitSwingerPro and Reindeersurf. ProfitSwingerPro basically pays 140% within 14 days while Reindeersurf pays a decent 144% return in 12 days. Not bad for a short term punt. I've already withdraw my principal and just rolling the profit. Hopefully these prgms will stay for the coming months.

On a separate note, I discovered my PS2 while doing some cleaning up the other day. This reminded me the good old days when I was a game addict. I can play for the whole night. During weekends, we would play the Winning Eleven game and make our own league that coincides with the 1998 worldcup. That was among the best moment of my gaming career haha. Anyway, the memories forced me to buy a brand new controller and memory card. I also managed to pickup a few favourite games. The side effect was bad. The career mode in the boxing game made me stayed awake until 2.30 a.m. practically everyday. Damn sleepy when I went to work. Perhaps I should reduce the playing time, but it is much easier to say rather than actually doing it. Cannot tahan...damn addictive.

Last week also saw me in football action for Malaysia..hehe u read it right Malaysia. I was actually representing the bankers and brokers of Malaysia in the biennual tournament with our Singapore counterparts. As u know, Singaporeans are damn kiasu so it was a sweet victory to us albeit on penalties after the game was deadlocked at 2-2 after fulltime. Haven't been playing proper football for 3 years, I sucked a lot. The ball seemed so big to me....perhaps this is the side effect of playing futsal. Anyway, it was a good tournament for all of us.

Ok to go and continue my boxing current record is 35-1-0 with 32 KOs...impressive ehh :)

Signing off at 10.00 p.m.