Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Better Than Sex?

Good morning guys and gals. Obviously I'm really joyous today :) Went out at 6 a.m. this morning to buy breakfast for my family. Can't sleep the whole night. Why??? Coz my beloved Reds beat the Blues (yup, u read it right) in the Champions League semi-final. True enough, the vocal Anfield crowds were the 12th man last night. Another sweet triumph, another moaning and whining from Mr Mourinho. He's actually been complaining lately about how referees seem to be reluctant to give his team a clear penalty. But last night, he got 3 penalties served on the plate but only manage to convert one. Thanks to the ever reliable Reina, the Reds marched on to Athens with a fully deserved victory. Personally I don't really care who they'll meet in the final but I got a strong feeling that it will be a repeat of Istanbul 2005. Sorry to MU readers out there, just my gut feeling. So how do I sum up the last night? Exactly as the title suggested.... minus the question mark hehe.


April was quite a disappointing month for em-pay. Although the penetrated China market, the local server was down for most part of the month. Only accessible via the temporary link

Effective yesterday the official site is up again. There's a minor glitch in the script that disallowed members to see their current e-wallet. So if u need to have full access, u still need to login via the temporary link. Hopefully all will be fixed and we shall see a better May.

My earnings depreciated by 66% to RM250 compared to Mar's earning of RM744. The screenshots are attached. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge:


April was quite a bullish month for me personally in the stock exchange. All tips/luck turned out to be on my side last month. For Jan-Apr my realized gain (if annualized) has generated a return of investment of 51%. Can't complain on this. My current portfolio is as follows:

Will be looking closely on Selangor property and KL Infra with the intention to cut loss if the stocks don't rebound in May.

Ok guys...feel really sleepy at the moment. See ya in my next edition.

Signing off at 8.50 a.m.