Monday, July 31, 2006

Death Everywhere

I was watching the news with my son the other day. It was on the death of Hani Mohsin, the Roda Impian host. Then there was the news on the Pahang royal tragedy, followed by the Israel attack on Lebanon. Last night there was also news about the bus tragedy along the North South Highway. My 4 1/2 yrs old son posed me an interesting question, "Papa, kenapa dalam berita ni asyik2 cerita orang mati je?" I smiled to myself before trying tirelessly to explain the reason to him. I guess I didn't sound convincing enough as he still looked puzzled after my explanation. He's totally right. All the headlines nowadays are either about war, death or natural disaster.

On a separate note, Malaysian bonds rallied like hell these couple of days. Looks like the Central Bank is more concerned about the growth rather than the inflation. It seems like there will be no or at least just another interest rate hike this year. This, coupled with the bleak outlook of the US economy has spurred a buying spree among the players. I can't complain coz I bought a huge chunks before the rally. As the market continues to buy, I slowly offload my position for quite a handsome profit. It brought some glitters in my book as for the past 7 months, I was in red. Thank god the current scenario favours my position.

Things were not that great for my personal financing though. Just being hit for a margin call on my stocks. Darn...I simply can't be in the equity market. Prices keep droping as and when I touched the stock. Have to get rid of all those lousy stocks. The problem is I simply do not have the discipline to cut loss. Typical problem for retail investors. Lack of discipline. My regional boss kept emphasizing that to be successful in trading (doesn't matter in which instrument) it requires 70% discipline and 30% skills. Easier said than done though.

My car absorber now has produced a squeaky sound when ever I ran into a bump or pot-hole. Tried to call the workshop but as expected they do not sound that friendly compared to the first time I sent the car after the accident. Do I need to go through another patience testing session with these guys? Arrgh! very tiring. Perhaps I should take a day off to settle this annoying sound.

Finally, I had to mention this. Profit Swinger has paid me for 7th consecutive time. What a program.

Signing off at 11 p.m.

Friday, July 28, 2006

You're Hunted

I received a phone call yesterday. "Hi, my name is Tina. I'm a head hunter!". Wow...I was taken aback for a while. This lady is so straight forward to introduce herself like that. Btw for those who don't know, a head hunter is not a killer haha rather they work for job consultant firms.

She was basically offering me a post in an assurance company...setting up and looking after the fixed income desk. She asked me for my resume and convinced me that this is not a step-down from my current organization.

Last night I kept pondering about this option. After much thoughts and considerations, I decided to reject the offer. I haven;t discuss on the salary and perks yet but I feel I have so much more to learn from my current job. It's too early to leave...I'm such a loyalist :)

So I emailed her telling that timing is just not right for me to leave at the moment. Anyway, I attach the my resume in the mail (just in case I change my mind in the future). She called me up after that expressing his understanding on my situation (albeit in a rather disappointed voice). Anyway she ends up the conversation by saying that she'll keep my resume and being a persistent person, she'll keep hunting my head. What a character!

Signing off at 12.20 p.m.

Monday, July 24, 2006

How to be successful HYIP affiliate and make good money

This article was written by mbongwe and reproduced with permission. Very informative indeed.

The HYIP world has done quite a lot to disparage the use of the affiliate marketing. People are fast to call you a “referal whore” for spreading your links and often doubt in your opinion if it contains a referal link.
Well, regardless of all the above, the affiliate marketing is still one of the best discoveries in the Net and a very powerful tool for marketers and providers. This short article will teach you how to make good money from promoting HYIPs without losing your credibility and being called “referal whore”.

Pick several good programs.

It is very subjective which high yield investment program is good and which is not. However there are few general guidelines to follow.

- The most important is: promote only program in which you invest or plan to invest yourself. You don’t really expect people to respect your opinion if you recommend programs which you don’t consider yourself!

- Prefer the ones which could be considered “real”. Nothing is real for sure in the HYI world, but you’ll do better promoting reliable companies

- Choose quality websites. People will not follow you if your link goes to an ugly or brocken website. Even the “ponzi players” (and especially they!) want to see professionalism from the companies where they are going to invest

- Ensure the programs you will promote are currently paying by checking monitors and forums

Be honest

The honesty is extremly valued. Don’t try to make fast bucks by hiding facts or giving guarantees. If you don’t like something about the company you promote, tell it. If you think it is a ponzi, tell it and give your timing expectation.

I won’t forget how my referals in FeederFund literally doubled when I posted some my concerns about it. People valued my honesty and decided to invest at their own risk (and they were right because I have been over-cautios).

Once selected the programs, start promoting:

Post in forums.

Do not spam the forums with promotional posts. The referal links must go into your signature. Your posts must be useful and balanced. Do not try to draw attention to your signature by asking people to check it. If they like and respect your opinions in the forums they will check the programs in your signatures and they will invest in them.

Do not post nonsenses. Posting just to expose your signature will not give any results. On the contrary, it will decrease your reputation devalue even your good posts. Examples of such bad posts are one-liners like “thank you for the information”, “i am paid”, “i like this program” or repeating what the other above you have said - “Yeah, I agree”, “yes, it is good”, “Yes, it will stay for a while”. Better do not post at all. Noone will click on your signature under such post.

Create a blog

If you have some spare time and are good in writing, just create a blog. Go to and sign up. Post your thoughs and reviews about programs and your affiliate links. Again do not write ads. People are not interested in reading ads. They are on your blog for your information and your opinion. Instead of writing ads-like posts, just put a selection of your programs with reviews attached.

The easiest way to create a blog is to go to Blogger and sign up for free account.

…no time for blogging?

Then create a simple page and post some words for each programs you promote. This is how I started myself. I simply put a page “HYIPs which I like” and started earning good. It is much better to have a page with reviews than just aff. links in your forum signatures. Additionally many forums won’t allow you unlimited links - so you can place only the link to your page and on it to review unlimited programs. You can host the page for free just like a blog.

Comment on other people’s blogs
Many HYIP affiliates underestimate the power of this. When commenting on someone’s blog you can either have your affiliate link attached to your name or under your comment or (better) have the link to your blog or page. Just like with the forums, do not post nonsenses or ads. Your comments must be useful if you want someone to follow your link. Usually when you say something good for the blog you comment on, you’ll get at least the owner following you.

Be personal
The readers of your recommendations - either in forums or your blog or page - want to know your personal feelings and experience. Everyone is recommending HYIPs nowadays. You need to stand out - spread your honest experience about the programs - say what you like and what you don’t, how fast you have been paid and when you have had problems. Spread your doubts and wishes for more information.

Stay in touch
You MUST update your recommendations. There is no worse thing than a referal link going to a site which is already not paying or gone. If you can’t find time to update your links (regardless if they are in your signature file or in your blog or page), noone will trust you that you find time to evaluate the programs. You MUST keep in touch with the news about the recommended by you programs or you are lost.

Alarm for problems
As soon as a problem appear with a program immediately alarm about the situation. Do not try to get few new signups when you know they will lose - at the time when problems appear with the program, it is unlikely that you’ll get your referal earnings anyway. Post in forums, update your signature, blog or page. If you have the mails of your referals, mail them and say them that they should try to get out. You will get those people grateful and they will folow you the next time. Take care for them and they will care for you.

Remove your recomendations when the time comes
If you are unsure if the program you recommend is real, then it is most probably a ponzi. Most HYI investors have no problems investing in ponzies, but those kind of programs depend on timing. At some time it gets too late for investing and then you should remove the recommendation - just like we do in You MUST try to protect your referals from investing too late.

Remember, the most important of all is to be honest. Work for your name hard and it will start working for you even harder.

Useful resources for the successful HYIP affiliate

- sites where to check for good programs to promote:,,,

- good forums where to post and read:,,,,,

- where to create your blog or page: - free and easy - free and much better, but you need hosting. You can get hosting with e-gold at

- blogs to comment on - just visit and see the blogroll links.

- how to promote your blog or page:
a) search engine optimization - read and
b) internet traffic optimization, keeping readers on your site, successful blogging -,
c) HYIP related directories -,,

- where to learn how to pick good programs:,,

Signing off at 10.44 p.m.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Ideas Please

I completely ran out of ideas on what to write. Guess that explains why this blog is no updated for ages. Nothing exciting to share. Everthing seems to be very ordinary...the same routine everyday. How dull.

Anyway, since the world cup is over, I'm finding some difficulty to adjust my sleeping patern. Damn hard to sleep these days. The worst thing I still to wake up early for work. An intern just join the bank this week. She's hot :) he he. Opps have to take a break. Somebody YM me to buy e-gold...will continue later.

Ok I'm back. Since I completely ran out of ideas on what to write, I'll share this joke taken from a Liverpool forum with u guys.

Since Sunday evening the whole World has been debating what Italian defender Marco Materazzi said to Zinedine Zidane to make the retiringFrenchman react in the way he did. The French captain, in his last ever professional game, thrust his head into Materezzi's chest in Sunday's World Cup Final resulting in a red card and shame for Zidane.

with the help of Italian lip-reader Arturo Belladini, we can reveal what drove Zidane to self destruct;Materazzi was seen to hold Zidane's shirt on the edge of the penalty box in extra-time at which point Zidane said "if you want my shirt so bad you can have it"

Materazzi responded

"I dont want your shirt you m***** f*****. you're a f****** old man"

As they jog away Zidane is seen to laugh at this and it is unclear how he responded due to him having his back to the TV camera

Materazzi then hit a volley of abuse

"you should've quit 2 years ago, you're a f****** has-been"

"m***** f*****! your mum is a f****** muslim terrorist and you are to,
f*** you old man f*** you"

"old man, this arena is not for you anymore m***** f****. Your sister is
a whore and the whole Italian team has f***** her"

"f*** off you bald c*nt"

Zidane carries on jogging away

"you are only good enough for Everton" It's at this very point Zidane
turned and head-butted him.

Signing off at 11.15 p.m.