Sunday, June 17, 2007

Em-Pay New Plans

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Hi fellow readers,

IPC has just released its new improved plans. This was taken from tolongbantu website and since he'll only put it p for 1 week, I decided to put it here for the benefit of all members.

New Improved Plans ( I will place it here for 1 week only)

There are a few changes made to our marketing plans. The main purpose these plans are implemented is to speed up our plan b placement and as well as to emphasize on our main objectives... discounts, merchants and loyalty.

Part 1
Reserve Pin
In the past, we would have to wait for our reserve pin value to reach 168RP before we can add a new unit. Starting very soon (supposed on the 15th June), we only need 60RP in our reserve pin account to top up a new unit. For members who top up with 60RP, there won't be any plan A and Plan C bonus awarded. The 60RP would be used to pay all for plan B at 4EP per level X 15 Level.

Plan B - Our existing plan B would goes on as usual except that maybe it would be faster because now we only need 60RP to add new units.

Dahulu kita kena tunggu sehingga reserve pin kita sampai 168 dahulu sebelum boleh tambah unit baru (5% punya), sekarang kita hanya memerlukan 60 sahaja untuk menambah 1 unit yang baru dari akaun reserve kita. Untuk ahli-ahli yang menambah 1 unit daripada reserve account ini, kita tidak akan dapat matching dan sponsor bonus berserta dengan Plan C bonus. Maknanya reserve pin kita hanya akan digunakan untuk Plan B sahaja.

Part 2
Merchants Plan
New members pay 1168. Existing members pay 1000.
Members and non-members are invited to join our IPC merchant's plan as a merchant. The requirement is that you must sell an item at IPC's website and contribute a percentage of discounts for IPC. Members who join this plan would get...

Plan B - 2 units would be added to our Plan B placement.

Plan B1 - 2 units would be added to a new Plan B1 autoplacement (new). This is similar to our old plan B except that each unit pays 10EP till 13th level. (total 163,840EP). Placement will start on the 18th June. First come first paid. This plan will have the usual 27% deductions too. Hurry, Plan B1 starts 18th June 2007.

Introducers benefits -
Introducer would get 1% of the total profits generated by IPC members.
Introducer would get 80Ep introducer fee per merchant.

Ahli baru - 1168, ahli lama - 1000.
Ahli-ahli dan juga bukan ahli dijemput untuk menjadi merchant IPC. Yuran keahlian hanyalah 1000 dan anda perlu mempunyai produk untuk dijual secara online pada peringkat pertama. Anda akan menerima iklan percuma dari IPC selama 1 tahun.

Plan B - 2 unit baru akan diberi kepada anda untuk Plan B.

Plan B1 - 2 unit baru akan diberi pada plan auto placement berasingan Plan B1. Cara plan B1 ini adalah sama dengan Plan B lama kita kecuali setiap unit akan membayar anda 10EP dan dibayar sehingga tahap 13. (jumlah lebih kurang 168K) Plan ini akan mempunyai 27% potongan juga.

Part 3
New Plan D
This is a new plan which will start on the 18th (Expected). It is an extra plan for all IPC members.

Plan D - Plan D will goes on as usual.

Plan D1 - You would get 0.1% of your total downlines spending online with IPC Shopping up to the 10th Level.

Plan D2 - Every new merchants you register - 5EP would be given as Plan D2 bonus 10 levels up. So your downlines look for merchants you will earn too.

Plan D3 - You will get 0.1% (10 Levels) of the the total cash withdrawal your downlines made using their new debit card. Everytime they withdraw money you would earn extra.

Thank you very much, do contact your uplines for more info should you have any further enquiries. If your upline also don't know, please force him or her to get to know.

Plan D - Plan D adalah seperi biasa.

Plan D1 - Setiap kali downline anda transfer EP mereka ke debit kad baru kita, anda akan mendapat 0.1% dari jumlah yang dikeluarkan mereka semasa pengeluaran ataupun belian.

Plan D2 - Untuk setiap merchant baru yang kamu ataupun downline kamu cari, sebanyak 5EP akan dibayar untuk 10 level

Good luck to all.

Signing off at 8.30 p.m.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

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