Wednesday, June 28, 2006

SDARA Annual Dinner

Last week, I went to SDARA annual dinner, a dinner for the alumni of Sekolah Dato' Abdul Razak. It was indeed a trip down the memory lane where we grew up together from the ripe age of 13 to the wiser age of 17. The evening began by the typical welcoming speech by the organizer followed by the speech from the guest of honour, Tan Sri Isa Samad. He was formerly a teacher way back in the 70s and had a lot of fond memories to share. However he took more than 20 minutes to end his speech and somebody jokingly remarked that it has been quite some time since he last delivered a speech (political). Kira lepas gian la ni...ha ha.

After the dinner, there were a presentation ceremony where the HMs and the teachers were given a token of appreciation. It has been 15 years since we last met the teachers. Some has changed, but others looked the same. We also managed to take a photo with the legendary HM, Baharom Kamari :

The event also managed to reunite the juniors and seniors who I haven't seen for more than a decade. It was truly an enjoyable evening especially when we were shown the video presentation of the evolving SDAR since the Tanjung Malim years to the current Sg. Gadut campus. It sent shivers down my neck when the clips on the Seremban campus were shown. Those memories will remain forever. Before we left, we managed to take a few group photos:

To all fellow sdarians...till we meet again next time.

Signing off at 10.40 p.m.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Another Two Bite The Dust

This is not a good week for my autosurf programs. Two of them have gone bust. Wired Surf and Compact Surfing are history. Due to the recent drastic decline in gold prices, these 2 prgms have experienced a major deterioration in their egold reserves and therefore could not afford to pay its members. There goes my hard earned money again. Luckily I have made a decent gain from this 2 (about USD800) and the amount loss is purely the profit.

This justify my earlier posting where if u wan to be involved in this super crazy high risk business, u should invest heavily upfront and take out your principal as fast as you could and reinvest only the profit portion. Do not be greedy in accumulating higher balances by reinvesting the whole principal + profit. Experience thought me to be ultra conservative in this high risk business.

A friend of mine has decided to retire from this business. Too risky, too many scams were his reason. Am I going to follow him? Actually I tend to agree with him but life without risk is quite boring to me. I need something to excite my financial life.

With that note I stumble upon a new autosurf program today. Daily 11 Surf. Just put a meager sum of money to test spend on it. The following is the cut and paste version of the details of the program which was taken from their website:

Welcome to Daily11Surf, a professional way to advertise your website, and earn money at the same time. We offer our members the chance to buy what we call a 'Advertising Unit', in fact our members can buy up to 11,111 'Advertising Units'. The cost of each unit is only $1.11 and can be paid via E-Gold By purchasing our 'Advertising Unit' our members are allowed to place upto 11 sites into our Members Only rotator system which will be displayed to other members.

As a thank you, we give our advertisers a bonus for using our advertising opportunity. For every day a member who has purchased our 'Advertising Unit(s) views a minimum of 11 sites from our members only rotator system they will be rewarded with 11% of the total cost amount of the 'Advertising Units' they purchased. This reward will be offered for 14 straight days after the purchase of a 'Advertising unit', and upon completion the 'Advertising Units' will expire.

We also reward all members with a small bonus for bringing us new customers who buy our 'Advertising Units'. All members have their own referral link which they can use to bring new customers to Daily11Surf. Members promoting our business can earn 11% of the total cost of 'Advertising Units' their referral purchase.

Care to join me? As usual I'm offering a 50% rebate on the referral commission. Just leave a comment on this blog and I will contact u accordingly. Good luck!

Signing off at 11.55 p.m.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

You Are Fired

The title reminds me on the popular reality tv The Apprentice. Cam bagus je si Donald Trumph tu. Anyway it wasn't a good trading day for me today. Tried to purchase the 10 yr MGS but everytime I placed a bid, somebody else will hit the offer melepas la. At the end of the day I also have to join the buying spree although my gut feeling told me that price should be lower next week. Why did I buy at a higher price when I expect it to be cheaper in future? My boss told me so!

We had a chat this morning and he told me about his conversation with our regional boss last night. The regional boss said, " If my trader has a view and take position according to his view but ends up wrong and make some losses, I can accept that. But if the trader has a view but didn't take any position and the view turns to be correct, I'll sack that trader". Why I ask enthusiastically. My boss replied, "If the trader didn't make money when he's right, how can we expect him to make money when he's wrong!"

Ouuch. That hurts me right in the face. I have a view that bond price will go down and therefore delaying my purchases. My boss told me that it was alright to have such view. But if my view is wrong and bond prices headed north, I'll be in a deep shit coz I didn't take any position. To make matters worse, he left the decision to me. "You are paid to make decision", he said. Damn....what shall I do. To buy or not to buy?

I was really in a dilemma. If I follow my view, I'll be in trouble if things go otherwise. Finally I decided to buy a few lots, albeit at a higher price as my insurance. Hopefully tomorrow the price will retrace to a lower level. US stronger than expected economic data should give me some hope.

On a brighter note, the repairs on my car were completed yesterday. After driving the Evo 1 (Galant) for a month, that was a mighty relief. Feels like getting a new car hehe. But the battery was weak. Must be the mechanics fault who didn't start the car on daily basis. Luckily the battery is still under warranty. Managed to get it replaced by the battery shop f.o.c. obviously I didn't tell the owner that the car was in the workshop for a month. She look quite puzzled since that was the first time the battery she sold went weak within 6 months. Sorry maam, I'm just utilizing the warranty..hehe.

Ok la got to go. England vs Trinidad in 10 mins time. See u soon :)

Signing off at 11.50 p.m.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Greatest Show On Earth

The proclaimed most beautiful game competition has started. As an avid Reds fan, obviously I have a soft spot for England. Even though, the press attitude there could be quite irritating. Their display last nite against Paraguay wasn't quite convincing. I think the cup will be won by Argentina this year. Don't know why...just my gut feeling. Luckily Astro has shifted the screening of the AF concert to Sunday afternoon rather than the usual Sat nite slot. Or else there will be mini crisis in the house jostling for the remote haha.

I'll be attending a brain storming session tomorrow. With the world cup fever spreading around, I guess it's not so conducive to have such session. Anyway, since I've been selected to contribute my ideas, I better go.

My PC is now affected by a porn dialer. It all begun when I click on the attachment for a keygen code on a register cleaner program. I tried all sorts of means to remove those dialer but due to my low level of literacy in PC, I didn't manage to do it. Will definitely send it to the shop for repair next week. The most embarrassing thing was the pop up window displaying the nude teenagers keep cropping up on hourly basis. My son discovered that during playing his favorite game that day. "Papa, kenapa orang ni tak malu?". I was left speechless. I just said there was something wrong with this PC and therefore he can't play games any more. He was left puzzled insisting he was not the one who caused the problem.

On a brighter note, I managed to play around with this blog, adding some banners to my autosurf programs and also the visitors counter. Damn, HTML language is the most complex language in the world. It took me hours of try and error before I manage to see what I want.

My car will be ready next week. Couldn't wait to balik kampung to see my folks. Ok la, got to go...see u all in my next posting.

Signing off at 4.15 p.m.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Testing Time

Test 1
It has been 10 days since I last wrote in this blog. Not that I don't want to, but my pc is getting slower and slower each day. Tinggi giler tahap kelembapan. It took nearly 2 minutes to upload this page. I scanned the pc, install spyware remover but it was still damn slow. Feels very itchy now to change this 4 year old loyal machine. Some friends suggested me to reformat the machine but I couldn't remember where I keep the installer cds. Being a not so "techie" guy, most probably I'll send it to a shop nearby. Sigh...the tablet laptop comes to my mind.

Test 2
My old colleague who resigned about a year ago came back last week. Kira cerai rujuk semula la ni. He came back to do his old task which I took over when he left. Heard some bitchy talk that I didn't perform that well, that's the main reason he comes back. My boss told me to concentrate on bond trading (after all he took me in to do that). But with the current market condition, volumes are very thin thus leaving me bored to death in the office. I got practically nothing to do apart from staring the Reuters screen, hoping for some major news that could change the day. Sigh...a vacation by the beach would be nice.

Test 3
My wife called me in the office this morning. Sounded quite panic, she asked me to come back home. Why? She said the tiles underneath the sofa was moving. I was practically blur and try to imagine how on earth the tiles could moved! In the background I heard my son shouting, "Papa, balik lah cepat...rumah kita nak roboh". When I came back I saw a small hump (similar to the rod bumper) in my living room. The tiles didn't break but I believe sooner or later it will. I called the maintenance office (oh btw I live in apartment) and found out that other houses also face the same problem. Apparently that was caused by the lack of cement underneath the tiles. I ask them to fix it but was told that since the 3 years warranty has expired, the onus is on the house owner to fix it. Damn developer! My wife has started hinting for a timber floor instead. Have to find some excuses here. Any suggestion? Sigh...a semi d in Bangsar comes to my mind.

Test 4
This week will be the end of the school holidays. My two kids kept harrasing me to balik kamoung. It has been more than a month since we balik kampung. I plan to go back this weekend hoping for my car to be ready by then. But guess what, that bloody Ah Chuan told me he needs another week to fix it. "U mau I buat cantek cantek tak lu punya keleta? Ini bukan wila or waja tau boleh siap seminggu". There goes the school holidays for my son. Pity him.
Sigh.....wish I had 2 cars (btw my neighbour got 3 cars, Merc, S40 and BMW 5 Series!) never offer to lend me one hehe.

Test 5
One of my autosurf program (14DailyGold) shuts down last week due to continuous DDOS attack (that's what they claimed) Damn. I lost USD1k there. Luckily that's the money comes from Compact Surfing. As always Compact Surfing has been serving me well with their timely payment (hope this will continue) U guys can see my screen shot. Oh btw I used some of the money to buy me new futsal boots and install an alarm system to my car (hours before the accident) I didn't buy the system because of the alarm. I bought it since it has an autostart function from a radius of 800 metres. The functions are quite cool too. Can install voice alarm..haha

Signing off at 12.15 a.m.