Sunday, December 24, 2006

SDARA Futsal Interbatch Challenge 2006

The annual SDARA interbatch futsal competition was held last Saturday 23 December 2006 at Rio De Futsal USJ. As usual batch 91 managed to submit 2 teams for the competition although we barely made up the numbers due last minute pull-out. This year our batch carry a huge reputation as the defending champion of the veteran category (above 30). Although I hate to say this due to personal alliance, we are like Chelsea where everyone will play their heart out to beat us ha ha.

After a minimal discussion (they were none actually) Eimir has arranged the 2 teams into the following:

Team A: Eimir, Panas, Capang, Bratt, Bai & Limbo
Team B: Tomo, Burung, Syfik, Ajoy, Jranque, Kiak & Ghiya.

Team A was grouped in Group A together with other teams from batch 83, 85, 89B & 93B while Team B was drawn into the group of death consisting teams from batch 84, 88, 89A, 92 & 93A.

Team 91A kicked-start the campaign convincingly by defeating team 85 thanks to a hattrick by the newly discovered marksman, Bratt. On the other court, Team 91B played a cautious first game to earn a 1-1 draw with team 88 thanks to a goal from Syfik.

In the second game, team 91A was handed a tougher test where they were drawn against the most junior team in the veteran category, team 93B (form 3 masa kita form 5). After trailing by a goal in the first half, team 91A showed its maturity (otai experience) and regained their composure in the second half by netting 3 quick goals thanks to the opportunist Eimir. However team 91B was brought down to earth in their second game when our junior (team 92) beat us by 3 clear goals.

Team A third game was against team 89B. The match ended with a stalemate (1-1)thanks to a deft touch in front of the goal by Limbo. Sensing the need to win to stay in the competition, Team 91B played their best match of the tournament by beating team 84 with a resounding scoreline of 3 to 1. Our 3 goals were scored by Kiak, Ghiya & Jranque.

In the final group A match, team 91A took advantage of the older team 83 to win 2-0 (Bratt, Eimir) and cemented the top spot in Group A. Team 91B faced another do or die match when they met team 89A. Before the match, team B was hurt by the news that their captain, Tomo was injured and had to be withdrawn from the starting line-up. Although we tried our best, team 89A was the better team and we were defeated by a 4-0 scoreline.

Team B final group match was against team 93A. The match was played at almost a walking pace as both teams were already out of the competition and we handed our juniors a 2-1 victory. The solitary goal was scored by Ghiya.

In the semi-final team 91A was up against the runner-up from Group B, team 92. It was a difficult match as one of our team members had to rush back to pick-up the wife (kes sayang/takut? bini la ni) leaving us to continue the battle with 5 players and no reserve. We went a goal down when our keeper, Panas failed to see a bullet like free kick from the opponent. However, like a wounded tiger we managed to regroup and score 4 goals (Bratt-2, Eimir, Capang) to book our place in the final.

Our opponent in the final was team 89A. Once again we lost the psychological battle before the ball was kicked when our top striker Bratt had to leave for a shooting in Melaka (ni yg susah ambik produser jadi striker) With disqualification looming, our Dr. Tomo Fadzilah Kamsah managed to sweet talk the organizer to allow us to take 2 replacement players form team B (Burung & Ghiya).

To be frank, our heads were down during the final due to off-the-field antics of our players. As a result we were down by 3 goals in the first half. We tried to fight back in the 2nd half and managed to score 2 quick goals (Burung, Ghiya). Unfortunately not all of our players were Liverpool supporters (tu la lain kali support la Liverpool) thus the spirit of Istanbul 2005 failed to be reignited. In search of the precious equalizer, we left a defensive gap, allowing the opponent to score the decisive goal. At the final whistle, the defending champion was narrowly beaten 4-2.

Thanks to all players who participated in the event. It would be nicer if we have more commitment next year. Special thanks should go to Tomo for the sandwiches but more importantly for the live motivational talk during all the matches. Latest news I heard, he was diagnosed with a Micheal Owen's injury and should be out for a year, just in time before next year's tournament ha ha. We shall be back to regain our crown next year. After all its just another game of futsal.

Once a Sdarian Always a Sdarian,
Rafa Benitez

Monday, December 18, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me!

I was born 32 years ago on the 18th day of December. How time flies. Thank god I'm still alive and kicking. Just got back from visiting my ailing aunt. She's 48 years old but in the critical stage of her battle against lung cancer. Looks like she's losing the battle. My prayers go to her and family.

On a separate note I sprained my ankle again (this time is the right ankle) courtesy of last Friday's futsal. Funny enough, I always had an ankle injury a week prior to any tournament. By the way next Saturday my old alma-mater (SDAR) is organizing an inter-batch futsal tournament. Our batch won the tournament last year although we have been grouped into above 30 categories hehe. So as the defending champion, everyone is excited and looking forward to defend our crown.

My friend who lives in Terengganu came during last Friday futsal and I sub-consciously told him about Em-Pay. Didn't expect him to hand his cold hard cash there and then to join the program. The next day, he managed to rope in 4 other people to join this promising program. You can read further details on the program from my previous 2 or 3 postings.

I'm still on leave and is now bored to death. Funny enough, can't wait to go back to work next week. The bond market is expected to be quiet until year end. Ok readers, enough ramblings, see you in my next postings.

Signing off at 4.28 p.m.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

How to Add A Video

Just testing on how can we add a video to our blog. Apparently we need to host it first at you tube or other places. Glad to discover this. Enjoy it.

Friday, December 08, 2006

I'm Now A Father of Three!

As I mentioned in my lost posting, my wife is due soon. Finally the big day came on last Tuesday 5 December 2006. I was blessed with a baby girl. It was the longest labor for both of us. We checked in the hospital on Sunday night and my wife was induced the very next morning at 5 a.m. She was expected to deliver the baby around noon. However, when the doctor checked on her at 11 a.m. she noticed that the baby has disengage from the proper position, prompting the doc. to stop the drip. My wife was told to do plenty of walking in the hope that the baby would be in the intended position. She gave us 24 hours or we will have to go thru the cesarean procedure.

On Tuesday, we went thru the same routine again but this time the baby's position was perfect. Finally after waiting for more than 30 hours, a baby girl was born at 3.44 p.m. weighing 3.03 kg.
What a relief. I hate spending time in hospital. It was the most patient testing time for me hehe. Here's the first photo of my baby girl a few minutes after the delivery:

Anyway my other 2 kids were ecstatic to see a small baby around us. So far so jealousy..not yet I guess. So there u go, I'm not a father of three with a bundle and heaps of responsibilities to raise them. Anyway, I haven't been playing futsal for almost a month now. Will beg my wife to let me go tonite hehe.

On a separate note, my em-pay program has worked well on me. To date, I have accumulated a total return of RM419 for 2 weeks. Not bad. A lot of people have been dropping me some comments asking for further info on this prgm during my last posting on it. I have reverted to you guys. Join early and we will enjoy the spill-over from other countries. Good luck.

Signing off at 6.25 p.m.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

D Day

My wife will be admitted tonite. Scheduled to deliver our third child tomorrow a.m. Hoping that everything will be fine. Speaking of fine, I was fined by the police just now. I was waiting for my parents by the road side of Puduraya when this police came and without giving me any chance to explain he straight away issued me a summon for blocking the road offense. I told him that I'm not gonna pay the summon..hehe I can sense that he was quite pissed off when I said that.

Other than that, everything else are fine. Liverpool won away for the first time this season and it was a thumping 4-0 victory against a mediocre Wigan. My Em-Pay program are taking off really well. Still hot and a lot of people have joined to enjoy the spillover from my downlines. Waiting for Plan B to start paying before I launch the website that enable members to pay for upgrades via credit card.

That's all for now. Will be updating after the delivery. I think I should change the description of my blog. I'll be no longer a father of two!

Signing off at 4.30 p.m.