Saturday, May 27, 2006

Results Time

It has been a while since I last wrote on this blog. No mood la...btw my car is still in the workshop :( On top of that I was quite busy for the past 2 weeks. Has been in a buying spree on the MGS for my bond position. Since BNM didn't raise the interest rate last week, the market is quite bullish on the bond outlook. Further to that, stock market also has been in a sell-off mode recently due to the regional crash and foreigners locking in their fx gain from Ringgit appreciation. That cause the interest to move to bond market. Good for me, I guess.

Today, my son's school had a parents-teachers day. During the session, we were asked to meet the class teacher personally and the results of his recently concluded exam were given. Out of 25 students in the class my son was ranked 11th. Ha ha...not bad for a start. He got 92% for English, 100% for Phonix, 86% for BM, 96% for Maths and A- for Arts. Apparently the student who gets the 1st spot got a perfect results for all subjects! 100% for all 5 subjects. Must be a nerd I guess haha.

I guess the pressure for the parents to see their kids do well has started earlier these days. The culture to compete among each other has been inculcated since the kindergarden... God...pleazze. To be honest I'm not completely worried or excited over my son's result. Its only the beginning. More to come son. However I noticed during the session, some parents were quite upset with their kids performance (ohh btw, that girl got second!). Poor kid. Hopefully my son will not be in the same league.

Ok la here comes my son...annoying me by my side begging me to hurry up finishing this blog coz he wants to play games...shudn't have introduced him to

For all readers (as if there's a lot haha) take a break during the school holidays. Go for vacation and drive safely. As for me, I'll be stuck here coz my car is still in the workshop. Arrgh!!!

Signing off at 8.50 p.m.

Friday, May 12, 2006

My First Accident

Last Sunday (7 May 2006) I was involved in an accident. It was my first major accident and it was really bad. Luckily no casualty, except for my daughter's swollen forehead. But the car was quite bad. And to make things worse, it was my fault. Making an illegal u-turn in front of Jaya Jusco. I've been frequenting that place for ages but never once did I make the illegal u-turn. Oh well shit happens. I didn't realize that a car was coming from the opposite direction until the turn was 3/4 completed. A Toyota Vios was coming at full speed and hit the left- back portion of my car. The impact was so hard, it made my car swerved to the right and I ended up a the other side of the road. Luckily there was no oncoming car. Otherwise u won't be reading this blog.

So all the pain started to begin. That night, I went to Jalan Bandar to make a police report. As I parked the car, a few men (ulat) came by and showed their concern over the car and me. Initially I thought these people were quite prihatin but later I discovered they were trying to convince me to send the car to their workshop. One guy even bold enough to suggest me not to admit any mistake and blame the other car for hitting me from behind. I almost fall for it until my buddy reminded me not to complicate things. So after keying in the report I was told to see another sergeant. Went there and saw fierce looking policemen doing their work. Went to sergeant Ismail table but was told by his colleague..."Die pergi minum kejap" Arggh! This was definitely not like the Gerak Khas drama where all police are super efficient. So, I was made to wait for almost an hour before Sarjan Ismail came back walking casually to his table. After a few Q&A session, I was made the guilty party (obviously) and was issued a summon of RM300. Damn...there goes part of my Compact Surfing earnings. ha ha

The next day I sent the car to the insurance panel workshop. Was told that the car I was driving was not common and required at least 3 weeks to order the parts. In return I was able to use the workshop's car. A classic Mitsubishi Galant...feels like driving a Cadillac...extremely big and kids even chided me when they saw the car. My son commented, apasal buruk sangat papa? Ni boleh jalan lagi ke? the laughter of my wife. Ahh kids these materialistic.

I don't dare to drive long distance with that car. So there goes my weekly futsal. The funny thing about the accident is that it made me realize how precious life is. I could die if there was a Metro Bus coming towards me. Thank god every body in the car is still breathing. So I'll be waiting agonizingly for the car to be repaired. Sure no syok one to drive after this.

Signing off at 7.45 p.m.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Exam Anyone

I can't believe it. My son has an exam to sit. For 3 consecutive days! Poor kid, he's just 4 1/2 yrs old. I don't think that he even understands the word exam. Oh well, after day 1, he seemed to be enjoying it. No homework, so more time for him to watch CDs.

I remember during the good old days where exam was actually a traumatic experience. Personally I don't have any qualms about exam, just the days before the exam were the most torturous period. Late nite preparations, lack of sleep etc.

During my primary school, I was always looking forward for exam. Exam basically guarantees me year end prizes. Not too sure whether I was too smart or the other students were quite dumb ha ha, I always ranked 1-2 from standard 3 to standard 6. Guess how many no.1 I got? Just once. Yup...always the second best to this boy who's mom was the teacher in the same school. I got the top ranking when I was in Standard 4, not that I was better than him but he left the school to follow his dad. No matter how hard I tried, I can never beat him. Anyway, there's also a student in the class who was so kepochi in tracking others result. He will go thru the pain of asking each and everyone their result and do his own maths to determine the ranking. The funny thing is, he was not even in the top 5. Ha ha I wonder where this kepoh friend of mine now...btw his name is Lim Woei Hian a.k.a Lim Gopoh.

The biggest exam for the primary level at that time was of course the Peperiksaan Penilaian. Took that when I was in Standard 5 and managed to score 5As. At that time a lot of students did get straight As so it was not really a big deal. Standard 6 was a honeymoon year especially for those who scored straight As cause the teachers paid more attention to the weaker students.

I managed to get a place in a boarding school in Seremban during my secondary years. Sekolah Dato' Abdul Razak a.k.a. SDAR. Didn't do too well in the 1/2 year or final exam when I was in Form 1 & 2. I still remember in Form 1, I was ranked no.17 in the final exam. Surely because other students were smarter and more hardworking than me. After all, the objective of the boarding school is to pool a group of students who excel in academics and co-curriculum. No matter how hard the exam was, I never cheated. I was so naive at that time that cheating in exam never came across my mind. But that doesn't last that long.

After doing quite well in SRP (cheat-free) I was finally succumbed to the thrill of cheating. It all began when I was in Form 4. We were due to take Arabic as the additional subject. I guess the fear of failing was the main reason that entice me to try to cheat, albeit not successful at all. I absolutely know nothing about Arabic at that time so the best thing I could do was to spot some questions and copied down the answer. Before entering the exam hall I slip that piece of paper inside my socks, hoping the spot question will come out. To my dismay, nothing close to my so called prediction. I did so bad in the exam ....must be due to the fact that I rewrite the question as part of my answer ha ha.

My second involvement in exam cheating came soon afterwards. However, I'm not the culprit. Tried to help my buddy to answer a Perdagangan question during our mid term exam. We were so daring that we practically passed the answer sheet around. It so happened that the teacher suspected something amiss and caught my friend who was studiously copying down my answer to his answer sheet. Both of us were awarded 0% for copying and that really pissed my dad to the max...ha ha

My fling with cheating continues to my foundation and uni years. I will continue later. There will be a world cup quiz competition between the bankers tomorrow and I need to do a last minute study on this. Can we cheat in a quiz?

Signing off at 10.25 p.m.